Friday, 18 September 2009

Human Flag Progressions

I have been working on Human Flag progressions over the last few months and I am now at a stage where I can hold the flag from a vertical bar. However, a few issues I am having are that I seem to have backwards momentum on the bar once in the flag position, which causes me to rotate backwards around the bar thus forcing me to let go. Once I solve this I may be able to hold the flag for longer periods of time.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Double clap pushups

Taken a while and the video is not the best of quality so it's difficult to see the two claps but I promise they are both there. The first is a front clap followed by the behind the back. So next on the agenda is the triple clap pushup. Hmm, that could take some effort....

Friday, 21 August 2009

What's happened?

I don't know what has happened to my fitness just lately, but it's taken a landslide. I managed to get my 50 burpees down to 2:57 a while back but 2 weeks ago it took me 5:06 to achieve the same amount of work. Again today I still have only managed to recover it to 3:58. It's a bit of set back but I am slowly ramping it back up again. I have used some back off periods so I don't think it's a case of exceeding my work capacity. Bollocks!

I have finally completed my sandbag. After buying several different sizes, all either too big or too small I have settled for a 30" Canvas Toolbag. It's a tiny bit too big, but I might bulk it out with some mini bags of wood chippings that I can interchange with mini bags of sand when I want to increase work capacity.

Monday, 27 July 2009

The Amazing Spiderman

I recently read about Jyothi Rai in The Sun news paper. He was once a builder but now entertains thousands with his climbing antics, a real demonstration of strength, skill and most of all that even what seems impossible can be possible. Looking at the pictures featured in the paper was enough to captivate me, but after watching the clip below I take my hat off; that is something else...

The article describes how Jyothi developed his skill through years of watching how monkeys climb trees and trying to reproduce stunts in films. He hopes to become the greatest climber in the world and I am sure he will acquire a massive following when he fulfils his ambition to open a climbing school.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Friday, 10 July 2009

The heavy bag

This is my first proper go on the bag. I did three one minute rounds as a finisher to a leg workout, although I realise this is a mistake (working with skills while tired is not a good idea, as it can encourage bad habits). However, since this is my first go I won't dwell on it :-) On a whole, I really enjoyed this and I think I will enjoy it more if I am fresh. Feel free to give me any pointers, since I have no boxing background (Jikishin Ju Jitsu)...

Monday, 6 July 2009

Video Log - 6 Jul 2009

Because I achieved my personal best last week with the 50 Burpees Challenge, I thought I'd try and recapture the milestone on video. A couple of seconds out unfortunately (admittedly I was actually trying to better my PB), but here it is.

Time: 2' 58"

Friday, 3 July 2009

50 Burpee Finisher - 2' 57"

I have mentioned before that I may be a little addicted to this finisher but its great! I did it yesterday as a finisher to my strength workout and got a time of 3' 13", a personal best until today. I did the workout today as a finisher to the "Minute Drill Workout #1" from Ross Enamait's Full Throttle Conditioning book. I managed 29 from the offset accompanied by 10, 8 and a 3 rep stint to 50. I was pretty fired up from the Minute Drill Workout which helped, so it will be hard for me to beat next week but I will give it another shot on Monday :-D

Variety is important but so is having fun ;-)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

50 Burpee Finisher - 3' 41"

Finished my ICT workout with this one again today. Beat my previous time, all be it by one second, but its a second closer to my goal. I used a different approach this time however, which seemed to stem off the fatigue for longer. I implemented short rest intervals between each set of 10 burpees, totalling 50 by the end. I will increase the rep range per set to 11 or 12 next time to see if I can up my capacity slightly.

Time: 3' 41"

London to Brighton

I did this bike ride over a week ago now. Its the second time I have done it, but this time I didn't come close to my last time. I got bad cramp in my quads that I think was due to lack of salt in my blood. It was so warm that I sweat a lot of my salts out. So next time round I will make sure I keep my salt levels up.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

100 Burpee Pull-ups

Had a go at this, not done it in a long long time, first inspired by Bjorn Granum with his entry back in January 2008. I got an okay time this time round so thought its worth making a record of it. Will aim to beat 19 minutes next time. I approached this using small sets of 5 with a short rest between each. Worked quite well and I was able to stem the fatigue until the final 10.

Time: 19' 04"

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Magic 50 - 11' 09"

Had to use a 24kg dumbbell instead of the 22kg since some arse...I mean delightful young chap...was using the 22. However, I made an effort to keep up the good time I had achieved with the 22. I didn't quite stay within the 10 minutes that I'd hoped, but still a good time for me :-)

The video got cut a little short due to the 10 minute limit on YouTube

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Deck of 52 - Red and Black (Plain and Simple)

Red cards - Push ups
Black cards - Burpees

Haven't done this variation in a while and its particularly hard on the arms and chest. In all there are some 340 push-ups if you include the push-ups with each Burpee. The nasty thing about this exercise is your arms get no rest (unless you feel forced to rest like I did).

Total time: 30' 27"

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

50 Burpee Finisher - 4' 01"

Did this as a finisher today. Bit slower than my last effort so hopefully improve this for next time. Sorry about the camera slippage; the pounding on the floor made it eventually fall over :-)

Friday, 5 June 2009

100 Push-Ups

Had a go at this for time, managed: 2:18.23

Performed sets of: 65, 15, 10, 10

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Magic 50 - At last

At last I have accomplished a time worthy of calling it "Magic 50"! Today I blasted through the workout faster than I have ever been able to, despite using this as a finisher to my sloppy strength workout today. I made sure I completed all the burpees in succession for each set which is where I have been falling short until now. I tried to limit rest periods to 30 seconds where I could, but these grew to about 40 - 45 seconds by the final stint.

So here is the time that I have also split at each set (using 22kg dumbbell):

Total time: 10:40.28

Set 1: 1:20.65
Set 2: 1:19.07
Set 3: 2:16.09
Set 4: 2:55.60
Set 5: 2:48.86

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Deck of 52

Did this with a friend today and doing it along side someone else is something I can definitely recommend to keep you moving and working through fatigue. When I slowed down he would flip the next card forcing me onwards. At one point I had built up a deficit of burpees that I owed the pack. But I gave them all back as we got one after the other of burpees cards. Ouch! Toward the end, I found a new burst of energy and pushed harder allowing me to start doing the card flipping.

My first attempt at this was over 30 minutes. My previous attempt was roughly 28 minutes, but with the added benefit of a training partner we pushed each other within 20 minutes. I don't have the exact time since we had to use the clock on the wall, but we started at roughly 13:24 and finished just before 13:44. That is going to be tough to beat on my own, but at least I know how hard I can push myself now.

Rules for this one were slightly different:

Spades: Burpees,
Clubs: Pushups,
Diamonds: Tuck jumps,
Hearts: (Started with kneeling rollouts but inevitably ended on) Situps,
Aces: 1,
Pictures: 10

Give it a shot and feel free to comment with your times. It will give me a bit more motivation to know how high the bar is set, after all you can't get over the bar if you can't see it!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

50 Burpee Challenge 3' 42"

Made some minor time improvements on my 50 Burpees today. I adopted Ross Enamaits technique for speed making the jump and drop transition in one movement. Still hit fatigue early (22 reps) so not improving on this much, but interval recovery time was much much shorter. Need to make some improvements on the jump to get more height, but other than that I am please to have achieved the 4 minute milestone.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Abdominal One Arm Bench-Press

This is a great core workout I stole from Gym Jones. I enjoy doing this one occasionally because its challenging in two ways. You are working your core for time, so its an endurance exercise. Also increasing the weight of the dumbbell forces your core to work harder so its also a maximal strength exercise too. You can really take this one to the limits.

Use two dumbbells no less than 3/4 of your body weight to secure your feet. Site on the bench and ready your dumbbell on your lap. Lye back and use your core to establish a horizontal form. Start pressing. Try to keep the position when you switch arms, it keeps your core under stress and works it harder. Repeat it but in revers to ensure an even workout (i.e. Start with right then left, next left then right etc). If you are really brave, take on two dumbbells at once, ouch!

Eating big

I see a lot of people struggling to gain mass (I was once one of them). This is mostly due to the misconception that mass building occurs in the gym. Actually none of the mass building takes place in the gym, in fact the exact opposite. When you perform strength workouts, you are essentially tearing down muscle fibres in order to promote the growth of new fibres in their place. The repair process usually results in more fibres than were there originally and a net result of an increase in muscle mass. However, in order for this process to work it has to be precisely fueled. Over fueling can result in undesired baggage weight, while under fueling results in no gains in mass. More often than not, people take the under fueling approach through fear of gaining unwanted weight, thus struggling with gaining muscle mass.

Over the past year I have experimented with the "Eating big" analogy to find where my limits lie. First of all I started with John Berardi, a professor in sports nutrition. In his book "Scrawny to Brawny" he describes his struggle as an Ectomorph to gain muscle mass. But to his realisation he too found himself eating way too little when what he thought was eating big. In order to calculate the exact calories your body requires for optimal muscle gains, get his book or read the following article on calculating your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and ERAT (Exercise-Related Activity Thermogenesis):

The Cunningham Equation - An accurate way to predict calories

If you are a similar height and build to me (5'8", 85kg, 15% BF) you will discover you need something in the region of 4200 calories on training days and 3600 calories on rest days in order to gain mass. This is a lot of food and just to give you an insight, heres a typical workout day meal plan I follow:

Breakfast: Jordans Nut & Seed, Greek yogurt (620 cals)

Snack: 2 bananas, Half a tablespoon of peanut butter (360 cals)

Pre-Workout Meal: Heinz lentil soup (166 cals)

Post-Workout Meal: Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Runner beans, Chicken Thighs, Cottage Cheese, 2 Omega 3 Eggs (1030 cals).

Snack: 2 bananas (210 cals)

Evening Meal: Can be anything, but I usually go for meat and veg combo, similar to lunch but more calories (1500 cals).

Pre-Bed Snack: Carbs release melatonin which helps me sleep and gives me a boost in the morning for my 6:30 workout before breakfast (Jordans again but with semi-skimmed milk instead of yogurt) (300 cals)

Thats a typical day and in total all that adds up to 4186 calories. So are you eating enough?

For help working out the calories you are eating, checkout the Calorie Counter

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pyramid 150 challenge

Call this workout what you like, but this is the name I gave this workout. Its a good one at that, discovered on Ross Enamait's forum here.

The original poster managed a time of 17'23" for this which is very impressive and is a long way from where I am currently. I tried this yesterday and only managed it in 43'02" using a 22kg dumbbell for the snatches. It took a horrendous amount of time to complete, but it probably wasn't helped by doing a leg strength routine the day before. Today my legs are sore and over worked, so recovery may take longer than 1 day. But thats my mistake to avoid for next time...

Time: 43'02"
Next Target: 35'00"

The workout for reference:

50 x Burpees
50 x Dumbbell snatches (25 each arm)
40 x Burpees
40 x Dumbbell snatches (20 each arm)
30 x Burpees
30 x Dumbbell snatches (15 each arm)
20 x Burpees
20 x Dumbbell snatches (10 each arm)
10 x Burpees
10 x Dumbbell snatches (5 each arm)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Unmagical 50 - Take 2

Have been doing this once every 2 to 3 weeks to see if I can beat my times. My original attempt I mentioned I took over 15 minutes, but I didn't have an accurate timing since I didn't time it and only had snippets of video to go by. But I think 15 minutes was a bit ambitious since I have improved somewhat and my latest time was 17:05. I am slowly getting down to the 15 minute mark, so once I get there I will set the bar at 10 minutes. Consider this a milestone. I will try to keep a record of each attempt to see how much I am improving my time each week.

Time: 17:05

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Flat Knots

Just a quick video on how to tie a flat knot for Judo or Ju-Jitsu. Tying this type of knot prevents the belt becoming loose and also prevents the knot or any overlap on the belt that could dig in and cause bruising should you fall on it.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Kip up - or not?

This is my first attempt at a kip up. Currently as you can see its a no go. I have seen a few tutorials on youtube for this one, so it shouldn't be long before I get this one nailed. One of the obvious mistakes I am making here is not bringing my legs back far enough. From the other examples I have seen, your knees look like they should come parallel with your shoulders in order to get the momentum through the legs required to move into the standing position.

First I will practice the movement into a bridge as this is a good technique to use to progress...

First Muscle Up - Follow up

My last post I mentioned I achieved my first muscle up and I said I would follow up with a video. Well here it is, don't expect to be impressed :-)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

First Muscle Up

Today was a good day! I got my first unassisted muscle up on the bar. I have been progressing to the full bodyweight MU for some time now using an assisted pull-up station to reduce my bodyweight and assist with getting the technique. Its paid off well as I am now able to do them unassisted. Unfortunately I have no footage, but I will update the blog soon with some footage of my feeble attempts :-)

Friday, 3 April 2009

One Arm Burpees?

I was talking to a mate the other day who was moaning about his "tennis elbow". We have currently set ourselves a challenge to see who can get to 50 pullups or 50 burpees with no rest intervals first. I asked if he was going to train for the burpees today and he said he couldn't because of his elbow, so I jokingly suggested doing the burpees one-handed. So what started off as a joke, I actually thought might turn out to be quite a fun exercise! :-)

The video is all I did and they are quite tough, but really fun!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

300 Workout

I gave this a shot today and its a killer! The floor wipers are especially hard! All in all this is a quality workout and thoroughly recommend giving it a try. Its clear that just from looking at it on paper that its gonna challenge you and hats off to those that can complete this in under 20 minutes!

25 pull-ups
50 dead-lifts (60kg/135lb)
50 press-ups
50 3' box jumps
50 floor wipers (60kg/135lb)
50 kettle-bell hang-clean and press (16kg/30lb: I used dumb-bell since KB were unavailable touching down onto a 2" step)
25 pull-ups

I managed 20 pull-ups outright on the first set and my aim will be to get the whole 50 in one shot!

Time: 31:11

Magic 50 - No. 2

Had another bash at this again this morning and this time used a 22kg dumbbell instead of my ambitious 28kg dumbbell. It left my legs with just enough life to complete all 10 burpees on each set in one go. Improved my time considerably but stupidly I forgot to press start on my stop watch, so I only have the clock to go by. Next time I will make sure I use the SW properly ;-)

Friday, 20 March 2009

Cortisol and Muscle Mass

I found a good article that explains the effects of Cortisol on the body and why it usually results in breakdown of muscle tissue if levels get too high. If you're trying to bulk up, this is definitely worth a read!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


This killed me as it did the last time I tried it. I managed the 1:15 for the first interval but everything went to pot after that. From about the 4th interval I resorted to girls tactics with the burpees, keeping my arms straight just to get through it. The end result was a non-achievement of 8 rounds in 22:34 (after the 8th I had to retire). Next time I will start with the girly burpees until I can complete the whole thing in under 20 mins; then I will ramp up the routines...

After a few minutes recovery I punished myself with another km on the tredmill in hill mode; its becoming a bit of a challenge to cover as much distance in 10 mins as possible, makes it fun!

3.99 km Run

Managed to run a bit further this morning. I accomplished a tidy 2.46 km run using the random mode on the machine, which actually made for an interesting run. I ran at 8kph for 15 minutes solid with a fairly good climb rate on the random incline. Afterwards I stopped for a minute to grab a drink and got straight back on the runner for another 10 mins using the hill mode. That was much more fun and more demanding and I pushed myself a little harder (9kph). Some of the steep inclines (9% at one point) really hurt, but it was a great workout.

Followed up with some stretching to recover my legs for ICT 8 later this afternoon... *gulp*

Monday, 16 March 2009

New Feed

I have changed my hosting service to use the Blogger hosting to take advantage of their widgets etc.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Blogger feeds went down on Friday and its taken Google quite some time to get them restored, but finally it looks like the RSS feeds are back up and running.

Friday, 13 March 2009

2k Run

This morning I hit my first ever 2k (sadly on a machine though). Doesn't sound impressive but for me thats the longest I have been able to withhold the monotony of running. I've never really enjoyed long distance and as a kid I loved sprint sports and excelled at 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, long jump, etc (basically anything that involved running as fast as you could for no more than 30 seconds). But now I am starting to appreciate long distance running for its CV benefits. I've been running Monday and Thursday mornings now for the past two weeks, and in that short amount of time I've gone from struggling for 1k to what felt like an easy 2k.

Session notes:

2k @ 10kph @ 3% incline ~ 12 mins :14 secs

Thursday, 12 March 2009

One Handed Hand-Stand

This is my first attempt at this skill. Its great fun although I have a long way to go before I can sustain any length of balance. I am almost there with the free handstand, so felt it was time to start having some fun with it :-)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Never Gymless: ICT Workout 7

Had another bash at this since I hadn't done it in a while. This time I had a friend join me which made it much tougher! There was a competitive edge there to see who made it to 100 burpees first and who could bang out the most squats and press-ups for time. I lost the burpee challenge but pulled through with the press-ups at the end :-) Heres how I got on:

100 burpees: 10 mins:26 secs
2 mins rest
8 x bodyweight squats @ (20 sec work:10 sec rest) intervals = 135 squats
8 x press-ups @ (20 sec work:10 sec rest) intervals = 86 press-ups

Getting down the gym steps at the end was quite fun on legs of jelly ;-) This is a cracking workout and recommend you give it a go!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Loading Up

Finished my down loading week, so this week am working back to my maximum load again. I have become quite interested in learning the iron cross skill. It will progress nicely from the muscle up once that is mastered, so for the time being I have been strengthening my lats with some iron cross lever pull downs using a cable pulley setup. Works quite well, since my pull ups combine bicep and laterals whereas this targets the laterals quite heavily.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Just thought I'd post my roll out progressions. Last July I posted a question on Ross Enamaits forum about how to progress into the full rollout. It took months of work to get there and I got some good advice that actually helped too:

I used the following strength exercises:

Superman pushups
Bodyweight triceps extensions (see NG)
Rotational core workouts
Dead lifts (the back is important)

And the following progressions:

Get past 30+ reps kneeling rollouts
One arm kneeling rollouts
Rollout to wall, inching back each time

It takes time, but you have to stick at it. My next agenda is the muscle up which is coming along nicely. But heres how my rollouts are doing at the moment. Not perfect, I need to get lower and extend the arms more, but that will all come with time. Once I hit 30+ reps standing rollouts I guess it'd be time to add some weight or try the one arm rollouts :mozilla_oops:

Off Loading

I cut the weight by 15% today from my previous best. I performed the workout as normal except pushed for more reps to get the same fatigue I would from the heavier weight. It seems to work quite nicely and I felt an overall sense of fatigue at the end of the session.

In the afternoon I tried something new. I did some very light weight work for time. This involved performing extremely slow (almost isometric) reps mixed with fast reps and half reps working individual muscle groups over the period of half an hour. My shoulders and legs burned like mad with lactic acid build up and I felt a sense of relief at the end (not had that for a while), so all in all a good session.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Friday - 20 Feb 2009

I did a slightly lighter loading on my strength workout in the morning. I was able to bang out many more reps with the load which is a significant improvement when I started on the same load 4 weeks ago.

In the afternoon I was determined to get my arse back in shape on the cardio front. I gave the ICT 1 workout a try from Ross Enamaits Never Gymless. Attempted this once before, but this time it was dismal. However, my disappointment led me into a 700 metre run and 1500 metre interval sprint on the ConceptII. My PB on the rower is 1:27 over 500 metres with a maximum drag factor. Now I can barely manage 1:40 with a DF of 7, so I have some work to do to get back what I have lost. I will persevere and aim to beat my PB!

Next week will be a pure off-loading week, so much lighter weights and sees the return of some beaut routines from Never Gymless. The ConceptII is going to be a big part of my workouts over the next few weeks, its great for getting cardio improvements very quickly.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Strength - 17 Feb 2009

This morning I continued my strength training. This week I have experimented slightly by doing my strength workout after my conditioning workout the day before to see what the affects are. I have to say I noticed a decrease in overall strength performance, not able to lift my usual mass. Bench was maximum of 97.5 kg @ 3 reps. A reduction by 1 rep and I had to drop the weight on subsequent sets. Chin-up was restricted to a mere 20kg and I really struggled with my 45kg dips.

Next week I will extend the experiment by hitting strength on Monday and doing two days of conditioning followed by a day of rest and finishing with a strength on Friday. This should give me plenty of time to recover from Monday.

The idea of the experiment is to find the optimal days to perform strength and conditioning routines in a 5 day period (only get access to gym equipment Monday - Friday). So in that five day period I have to cram in rest and strength in such a way that the strength gains are not forgotten by the following week and that I am not still fatigued from the previous strength workout. Thus far I have been following a simple 2 day routine:

Monday - Strength
Tuesday - Condition
Weds - Rest (swim, sauna).
Thursday - Strength
Friday - Condition

The problem with this is that Thursday sees a drop in strength, while the Monday recovers what was lost on the Thursday after the weekend rest period. Ironically, it seems the optimal period for rest is three days between strength. But fit that in around a 5 day rotation and things get a little awkward.

Conditioning - 16 Feb 2009

Yesterday afternoon I extended my conditioning workout from the morning. I warmed up for 2 mins with the rope, ran 600 metres at 13kph and began my 100 burpee pullup attempt littered with some wheel rollouts. I did 20 burpee pullups with a set of 4-5 rollouts between each block. I eventually gave in at 90 BP's, just 10 short of the 100 I was aiming for, but considering my awful workout this morning, I am quite happy with the result. Will keep persevering...

Monday, 16 February 2009

Unmagical 50

Gave this a go this morning. My attempt was absolutely miserable. Firstly I was a bit too ambitious with the weight (using a 28kg dumbbell). This caused my legs to fatigue extremely quickly and resulted in my taking stupidly longer and longer rest breaks between sets. In all the 5 sets took over 15 mins (of which I chopped some out for the sake of youtube), so a shameful effort. But I will come back on Thursday with a brand new attempt using a slightly lighter weight this time. Doh!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Was it rest?

This week I blasted my bench press personal best with a 97.5 kg @ 4 reps max. Prior to this I have only managed 95 kg @ 3 reps max. I was expecting to be weaker since I was ill last week and took the entire week off from any exercise. But the rest appears to have given me greater gains in the week that followed. I also bettered my muscle up progression on an assisted pull-up machine. Basically 10 kg of assist subtracted from my body weight (85 kg) ~ 75 kg. Though its better. I managed 4 sets @ 4 reps this week but previously have only managed 4 sets @ 3 reps with an assist of 12 kg (73 kg). And no I haven't got lighter ;-)

With this in mind I plan to experiment by moving my strength workout after my cardio and taking a day of rest immediately after my strength workout. I hope this will bring some more positive results...

I had a go at some squats on a smith machine (bad for form I know but no alternative unfortunately). I managed 4 sets @ 5 reps of 140 kg. Thats the most I have ever lifted on there, but still felt there was room for more. I will give it another go next week with an additional 20 kg. After that there isn't any weight to add, might have to start hanging paint tins from the bar or something :-D

Friday, 6 February 2009

Trudging the snow

I had to get out this morning to get some supplies. Speaking to the neighbours I realised taking the car was a no go, so I walked the 4 mile round trip to the super market to get the basics. But if you have ever seen Dumb n' Dumber, you'll know that I bought more than just the basics. Figuring they would have some sledges on sale I could use to drag the shopping back, I thought it would be quite fun. However, sledges were sold out so I had to walk back carrying the carrier bags; that combined with the deep snow was actually hard work. But along the way I managed to capture some interesting shots of the nearby river and of a snow plough.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow again

It snowed again last night and is still snowing as I type. There was as much last night as on Monday with our garden covered by about 5 inches of snow. As for training, I am still sniveling with this stinking cold, so nothing to report on that front. I probably won't resume training until Monday next week at the earliest.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Well today is going to be an abandoned day. What with the weather outside and the fact I am suffering from a cold, smashing any prospects of training today. I have some footage of my attempted journey to work to share, which I might add was hell frozen over. It took an hour to drive just 14 miles, then the same coming back when I finally gave up and turned around.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Weighted Dips - A personal milestone

Yesterday I had a go at increasing the weight I was using on my dips. I strapped on two twenty kilo plates and gave it a shot. I surprised myself somewhat and actually cranked out about six fairly decent reps. At the moment I am aiming for between three and four reps on all of my workouts during strength training sessions. This should hopefully maximise on my "maximal strength" gains and minimise on "endurance strength" gains (endurance is something I train for seperately).

New blog

This is just a post to introduce my new training blog. Here I will post some interesting articles about training related topics and provide an insight into my own training. I hope you will find the information informative and enjoyable to read.