Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Be inspired: "The world is your gym" - Ross Enamait

Since reading a few articles on Ross Enamaits blog, I have been looking at stuff in a new light.  Everything I pass now, I wonder how I could use it in some way to challenge myself.  Simple things like poles, fences, walls, slabs of concrete, are all now portable - use anywhere - pieces of gym equipment.  Yesterday was inset day and also the last day before my son starts school.  I thought I'd use the day to teach him how to ride his bike without stabilisers.  The journey to the park turned into a mini-workout, with my son getting as much involved as I was, only stopping until he was bored and wanted to move onto the next.  Our first stop was a barrier to stop cyclists from charging down an alleyway.  We together performed tonnes of exercises, pull-ups, muscle-ups, jumping, swinging and poking slugs with sticks.  I took a few pictures and posted them on instagram while we were there...

We also found things to do with a post we found in a field...

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