Sunday, 22 February 2009

Friday - 20 Feb 2009

I did a slightly lighter loading on my strength workout in the morning. I was able to bang out many more reps with the load which is a significant improvement when I started on the same load 4 weeks ago.

In the afternoon I was determined to get my arse back in shape on the cardio front. I gave the ICT 1 workout a try from Ross Enamaits Never Gymless. Attempted this once before, but this time it was dismal. However, my disappointment led me into a 700 metre run and 1500 metre interval sprint on the ConceptII. My PB on the rower is 1:27 over 500 metres with a maximum drag factor. Now I can barely manage 1:40 with a DF of 7, so I have some work to do to get back what I have lost. I will persevere and aim to beat my PB!

Next week will be a pure off-loading week, so much lighter weights and sees the return of some beaut routines from Never Gymless. The ConceptII is going to be a big part of my workouts over the next few weeks, its great for getting cardio improvements very quickly.

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