Thursday, 23 April 2009

Flat Knots

Just a quick video on how to tie a flat knot for Judo or Ju-Jitsu. Tying this type of knot prevents the belt becoming loose and also prevents the knot or any overlap on the belt that could dig in and cause bruising should you fall on it.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Kip up - or not?

This is my first attempt at a kip up. Currently as you can see its a no go. I have seen a few tutorials on youtube for this one, so it shouldn't be long before I get this one nailed. One of the obvious mistakes I am making here is not bringing my legs back far enough. From the other examples I have seen, your knees look like they should come parallel with your shoulders in order to get the momentum through the legs required to move into the standing position.

First I will practice the movement into a bridge as this is a good technique to use to progress...

First Muscle Up - Follow up

My last post I mentioned I achieved my first muscle up and I said I would follow up with a video. Well here it is, don't expect to be impressed :-)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

First Muscle Up

Today was a good day! I got my first unassisted muscle up on the bar. I have been progressing to the full bodyweight MU for some time now using an assisted pull-up station to reduce my bodyweight and assist with getting the technique. Its paid off well as I am now able to do them unassisted. Unfortunately I have no footage, but I will update the blog soon with some footage of my feeble attempts :-)

Friday, 3 April 2009

One Arm Burpees?

I was talking to a mate the other day who was moaning about his "tennis elbow". We have currently set ourselves a challenge to see who can get to 50 pullups or 50 burpees with no rest intervals first. I asked if he was going to train for the burpees today and he said he couldn't because of his elbow, so I jokingly suggested doing the burpees one-handed. So what started off as a joke, I actually thought might turn out to be quite a fun exercise! :-)

The video is all I did and they are quite tough, but really fun!