Tuesday, 24 March 2009

300 Workout

I gave this a shot today and its a killer! The floor wipers are especially hard! All in all this is a quality workout and thoroughly recommend giving it a try. Its clear that just from looking at it on paper that its gonna challenge you and hats off to those that can complete this in under 20 minutes!

25 pull-ups
50 dead-lifts (60kg/135lb)
50 press-ups
50 3' box jumps
50 floor wipers (60kg/135lb)
50 kettle-bell hang-clean and press (16kg/30lb: I used dumb-bell since KB were unavailable touching down onto a 2" step)
25 pull-ups

I managed 20 pull-ups outright on the first set and my aim will be to get the whole 50 in one shot!

Time: 31:11

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