Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Just thought I'd post my roll out progressions. Last July I posted a question on Ross Enamaits forum about how to progress into the full rollout. It took months of work to get there and I got some good advice that actually helped too:


I used the following strength exercises:

Superman pushups
Bodyweight triceps extensions (see NG)
Rotational core workouts
Dead lifts (the back is important)

And the following progressions:

Get past 30+ reps kneeling rollouts
One arm kneeling rollouts
Rollout to wall, inching back each time

It takes time, but you have to stick at it. My next agenda is the muscle up which is coming along nicely. But heres how my rollouts are doing at the moment. Not perfect, I need to get lower and extend the arms more, but that will all come with time. Once I hit 30+ reps standing rollouts I guess it'd be time to add some weight or try the one arm rollouts :mozilla_oops:

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