Thursday, 4 June 2009

Magic 50 - At last

At last I have accomplished a time worthy of calling it "Magic 50"! Today I blasted through the workout faster than I have ever been able to, despite using this as a finisher to my sloppy strength workout today. I made sure I completed all the burpees in succession for each set which is where I have been falling short until now. I tried to limit rest periods to 30 seconds where I could, but these grew to about 40 - 45 seconds by the final stint.

So here is the time that I have also split at each set (using 22kg dumbbell):

Total time: 10:40.28

Set 1: 1:20.65
Set 2: 1:19.07
Set 3: 2:16.09
Set 4: 2:55.60
Set 5: 2:48.86

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