Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Deck of 52

Did this with a friend today and doing it along side someone else is something I can definitely recommend to keep you moving and working through fatigue. When I slowed down he would flip the next card forcing me onwards. At one point I had built up a deficit of burpees that I owed the pack. But I gave them all back as we got one after the other of burpees cards. Ouch! Toward the end, I found a new burst of energy and pushed harder allowing me to start doing the card flipping.

My first attempt at this was over 30 minutes. My previous attempt was roughly 28 minutes, but with the added benefit of a training partner we pushed each other within 20 minutes. I don't have the exact time since we had to use the clock on the wall, but we started at roughly 13:24 and finished just before 13:44. That is going to be tough to beat on my own, but at least I know how hard I can push myself now.

Rules for this one were slightly different:

Spades: Burpees,
Clubs: Pushups,
Diamonds: Tuck jumps,
Hearts: (Started with kneeling rollouts but inevitably ended on) Situps,
Aces: 1,
Pictures: 10

Give it a shot and feel free to comment with your times. It will give me a bit more motivation to know how high the bar is set, after all you can't get over the bar if you can't see it!

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