Friday, 13 February 2009

Was it rest?

This week I blasted my bench press personal best with a 97.5 kg @ 4 reps max. Prior to this I have only managed 95 kg @ 3 reps max. I was expecting to be weaker since I was ill last week and took the entire week off from any exercise. But the rest appears to have given me greater gains in the week that followed. I also bettered my muscle up progression on an assisted pull-up machine. Basically 10 kg of assist subtracted from my body weight (85 kg) ~ 75 kg. Though its better. I managed 4 sets @ 4 reps this week but previously have only managed 4 sets @ 3 reps with an assist of 12 kg (73 kg). And no I haven't got lighter ;-)

With this in mind I plan to experiment by moving my strength workout after my cardio and taking a day of rest immediately after my strength workout. I hope this will bring some more positive results...

I had a go at some squats on a smith machine (bad for form I know but no alternative unfortunately). I managed 4 sets @ 5 reps of 140 kg. Thats the most I have ever lifted on there, but still felt there was room for more. I will give it another go next week with an additional 20 kg. After that there isn't any weight to add, might have to start hanging paint tins from the bar or something :-D

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