Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WOD: Magic 50

Actually, I have two workouts of the day.  Originally, I opted for a variation on Ross Enamait's Enhanced Interval Training 1 (EIT 1) routine.  I had to quite heavily modify it, since I didn't want to be reworking my legs again with the squats in it, coupled with limitations on space where I train for sprinting.  Ideally, EIT routines are better served outside than in, but the weather here is really poor at the moment.  Anyway, due to the modifications, EIT 1.1 has actually been kicked to the curb by the Integrated Circuit Training (ICT) routine: The Magic 50.  But if you're still interested in the EIT variation, then that's listed below also.

Magic 50:

My time: 12 minutes dead it would seem.

My EIT 1 variation, dubbed "EIT 1.1":

6 Pull-ups
12 Burpees
24 Push-ups
100 Sprinting in place jump rope turns

Complete this 4 times with no designated rest, as fast as possible.

Alternatively, I might up the 100 rope turns with 100 double-unders.  Adjust as you see fit.

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