Monday, 21 May 2012

Food: Post workout lunch

My usual concoction of kale, veg, beans, sweet potato and eggs had a slight twist today with the addition of some quark!  Quark is a "virtually" fat free cream cheese, which seems to behave like cream cheese in the sense that, when you add it to hot food, it melts.  Awesome!  So I added a whole tub of this to my lunch today, which when you consider that 100g has 13g of protein and 4g of carbs (that's it!), it is a really easy and cheap way to boost the protein content of the meal.  I dropped an egg (6g protein) and added this, giving a combined protein content of approximately 77g.  That is a bit excessive I know, but this is one of two meals I eat in a day, given the intermittent fasting protocol I choose to follow.

Here is a picture of the eggs, veg mix and quark before I combined them.

Here is a picture after I combined the veg and quark; notice the creamy Carbonara look to the whole thing.

If you are wondering how I made it all, I used two microwaves at work to cook the sweet potato, veg and eggs before mixing the quark in straight out of the fridge.  The sweet potato is buried beneath the veg, whole.  Here are the ingredients:

5 x whole eggs [organic] (30g protein, vitamins)
3 x tomatoes (carotene lycopene - a REALLY powerful anti-oxidant)
1 x red onion (sulphur, quercetin - another REALLY powerful anti-oxidant)
1 x yellow bell pepper [organic] (vitamin C, carotene lycopene)
1 x medium sweet potato (complex carbs, vitamins, fibre)
400g Haricot beans [organic in water, drained] (15g protein, fibre, folate)
Kale (Vitamin C)
1 x 250g tub of quark (32 g protein)

This is what I call super-food!!

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