Thursday, 26 April 2012

WOD: Never Gymless ICT 4

This workout is a classic from Ross Enamait's Never Gymless.  It is basically two routines combined to form a lower body and upper body routine.  Each routine is split into 3 exercises, completed 5 times for time:

Lower Body:
10 x Burpees
20 x Lunges
30 x Squats

Upper Body:
10 x Pull-ups
20 x Power overs
10 x High pulls

The correct way to perform the high pulls is using a resistance band, but I don't have one available to me, so instead opted for a 30kg barbell high pull.  Pull ups are strict, not kipping, so if you can't complete them on the second set, I have found the cheat pull-ups effective.  If you don't know what a cheat pull-up is, see below.

Notes: I performed the first set of pull-ups in strict form, then used cheat pull-ups for each pull-up in each set there after.

My Times:
Lower body: 13:10
Upper body: 10:58

If I recall the last time I did this, my lower body was at least 15 minutes and upper body went into 16 minutes.  This is a massive improvement, considering I haven't done any conditioning for the last four weeks.

Cheat Pull-up
To perform a cheat pull-up, you need to stand beneath the bar and jump into the pull-up, grabbing onto the bar and pulling yourself up.  Then you lower yourself slowly, to full extension and drop.  You can opt to perform as many strict pull-ups as you are capable before letting go of the bar and jumping into the next pull-up.  The idea is to eliminate idle resting, while you wait for your arms to recover, instead forcing them to work by assisting them on the way up.

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