Monday, 23 July 2012

BBC News: Reducing salt 'would cut cancer'

BBC News: Reducing salt 'would cut cancer'

I do my best to avoid consuming salt, for other reasons than those highlighted here, but if you are a consumer of heavily processed food, then you are fighting an ever losing battle.  Retailers are the least consistent when it comes to labelling of food, sometimes labelling quantities per 35g serving, other times per 100g.  Interestingly, they also often have diluted ideas about what constitutes a portion size, so often you will buy something that looks to be low in salt, because you bought it on the presumption that it would be consumed as one serving, but in actual fact, the retailer has labelled the serving size to be a quarter of the contents, and thus there is actually four times the amount of salt than you first thought.

My advice, steer away from processed foods entirely.  It's okay to eat processed food occasionally, like a pizza once a month, but don't make it a weekly habit to consume salty food, especially Monday to Friday.  You should treat the working week as a time to abstinence from luxury foods and alcohol.  Doing this alone, cuts the amount you consume in a year when you think about how many weeks there are in a year.  As much as you might feel that this is a restraint on your liberty, actually the opposite is in effect.  Retailers lead you to believe that it is your desire and an expression your liberty and free will to consume junk food, when in actual fact, you are playing into their hands making them millions in profits through sales of cheap, easy to produce, crap.

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