Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nutrition: BCAA powder mixing issues

I have read and heard a lot of people complaining about this stuff, saying it doesn't mix well, tastes awful, etcetera, etcetera.  Well, though I can't do much about the taste, if you really can't bear drinking or eating something you don't like, hide your BCAA down the back of the dining room wall unit, along with the broccoli you hid from your parents when you were a child.  But, if you can man up to the expectation that generally things that taste bad are actually good for you, then here is a simple tip that will change your opinion about its ability to mix well with liquids...

  • Place 5g or 10g of BCAA powder in a cup or glass.
  • Add water.
  • Wait for ten or so minutes, viola!

I have found BCAA powder to have the same solubility of salt or sugar in water.  Though less dense than sugar or water, hence why it floats like sawdust, it still dissolves completely given enough time.  You don't even have to stir it, since it will dissolve all by itself, as is the nature of soluble substances.  The taste is still as grim as always, so don't expect the foul taste to have disappeared just because you can't see it any more.

I hope now, you will drink it and STFU! ;-)

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