Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Weighted slow muscle-ups

Its been a while since I blogged, prior to my last blog about the rollouts.  Despite having not made an appearance on here or YouTube, I haven't been lounging around as one might assume. :-)  I have been chipping away more patiently than normal, at acquiring new skills.

Recently, I watched this video by Jim Bathurst (BeastSkills) and was inspired to add weight to my acquired slow muscle-up skill.

Here is my feeble attempt:

I have only been able to do the slow form of the movement, as opposed to the 'kip' style, since the beginning of December.  I progressed from a 'kip' muscle-up by simply aiming to perform just one slow muscle up.  Initially I could only achieve one rep and one set; that was it, my shoulders were spent.  But I tried to practice the movement at least two or three times per week.  Within two weeks I could complete three to four sets at one rep.  After that, I aimed to perform more reps per set, increasing my volume to three reps and four to five sets; the last set usually being one or two reps down on the initial set, which is when I know to stop.  Mid January I saw Jim's YouTube video and wondered if I could progress to that immediately.  To my surprise I was able to add weight.  I started with 1.25 kg and added 1.25 kg with every smooth completed rep, until I reached my max of 6.25 kg.  Today, I thought I would video the results for the blog, and annoyingly, after filming I got my PB of 7.5 kg.  I may have a go on Friday and aim for 8.75 kg.  If you haven't seen Jim's awesome video, then I hope that it might inspire you too.  Good luck!

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